Taking the next step

In March 2013, we packed up everything we owned, said goodbye to dear friends, and drove 7 hours to move into an apartment roughly half the size of our previous home, in a town where we didn’t know a soul, so Kevin could start a new job that was full of promise and excitement (and turned out to be a far cry from what was advertised).

One month later, we celebrated Little Miss’ first birthday.

Another month after that, we learned that our family would be growing.


We waited for months and months for our house to sell so we could find a new home in our new town. When it finally did, we were thrilled to find a house that is just perfect for us. So, in December, while I was about 7 months pregnant, 10 days before Christmas, and during a crazy Midwest blizzard (that made it impossible to get the moving truck down our street), we moved in.

The past 16 months have been stressful, sometimes very lonely, and trying for all of us, but through it all we had the peace of knowing this is where we are supposed to be. We didn’t just make this move on a whim – we followed where we were sure God was leading. Since then we have felt a bit like the Israelites, wandering through the dessert. We have spent quite a bit of time trying to understand what purpose He has for us here and while I can’t say we know the answer to that question, I think sometimes God lets us wander through the dessert so our hearts will be prepared to make the next tough choice.

Two weeks ago, Kevin made the decision to leave his job. There are a million and one reasons that led to that decision, but ultimately we just knew it was time to take the next step. After years of dreaming about someday owning our own business, we are taking the plunge and giving it our best effort. We have a vision for where we would like it to go and I’ll be sharing that later, but for now I’ll let you check out the Tripp Designs about page.

So, if you need business cards, brochures, flyers, etc…


One thought on “Taking the next step

  1. Your story sounds exactly like ours! We packed up and moved our then 4 kids from Missouri to Florida not knowing where God was gonna be placing us! We know we are sent here for God ultimate purpose and while my husband is at a job that sounds much like your husbands. We are waiting on that next step God is preparing us for too! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

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