Five Minute Friday: Lost

Happy Friday, friends! Today I’m joining Lisa Jo Baker and a community of bloggers who are each spending five minutes blogging on one topic: Lost. Want to join in? Read all about FMF here.


Some days I get lost in the giggles and snuggles and tea parties, but some days are lost to to-do lists and Facebook and stress.

The days are too few to spend them being needlessly busy. In my two year old’s mind, the most successful days are the ones I spend sitting on the floor, building endless towers and reading books until they are burned into our memories. She isn’t burdened by the laundry that goes unfolded or the sink full of dishes, and in the days I follow her lead, I think she’s got it right.

It takes intention to be sure I am lost in my days rather than letting the days be lost. Today I chose to lose myself in the joys of watching my babies grow, even if it meant losing my evening to unfinished chores.


10 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Lost

  1. Such a good reminder here, as one who far too often gets lost in my tasks and to-do list rather than in the NOW of being a mom of littles. Thank you for the good words here. Visiting from FMF!

    • Welcome, Heather! It is so easy to let the seemingly urgent overtake the important. Enjoy your little ones today!

  2. Yes! I love your post. It was so heartfelt. This will stick with me, “It takes intention to be sure I am lost in my days rather than letting the days be lost.” No matter how old our kids are, or if we have no kids, we all struggle to be intentional. What a great reminder. And yep, you and your 2 year old have got it right. No doubt! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from FMF. Blessings to you!

  3. love the line” it takes intention to be sure i am lost in my days rather than letting my days be lost” …so true…days do get away from us when we don’t intentionally “budget” them in the right ways…almost like spending…

    • Somer, what a great comparison! We have to be as intentional with budgeting our time as we are with budgeting our money – so true!

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