Blackberries & Cream

Blackberries & Cream-24

There aren’t many things that taste better than fresh berries in Summer. Especially if you have freshly whipped cream to dip them in. Today, Annabelle experienced this truth for the first time.

First, she helped me make the whipped cream.

Want to try it? Fill a mason jar about 1/3 with heavy cream, add a splash of vanilla and a splash of real maple syrup. Shake, shake, shake. But don’t shake too long or you’ll have sweet butter. It’s best to check periodically, but you’ll learn to feel the difference once the cream is “whipped” after you do it a time or two. Bonus: just think of all the calories you burned shaking that jar and eat another spoonful.

With the cream whipped up nice and fluffy, and the berries washed, she finally got to try one.

Watching my big girl experience simple joys is one of my favorite mama perks.


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